Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Students supporting the Plan A: Students for Reproductive Justice gathered on Thursday in Red Square to hold a Speak Out to tell other Hoyas in their own words what Plan A is about. At the Speak Out, Plan A described its mission and educated community members about Georgetown's current policies concerning access, information, free speech, and the sexual health of Georgetown students.

Speakers supporting the Plan A campaign told personal stories of things that have taken place at the university that describe the way that Georgetown's policies around reproductive justice and free speech have negatively impacted their experiences at Georgetown University.

After the Speak-out, students marched silently, to emphasize the silencing of pro-choice voices at this university, to the President's Office to deliver a response letter to President DeGioia and a tape-recorder with personal stories of Georgetown students, including one from a student who called Georgetown University Hospital after her friend had been raped.

After marching into Healy, students were told by DeGioia's executive assistant that he was out of town. The students of Plan A waited until DeGioia's Chief of Staff, Erik Smulson, came out to meet them, and they delivered the letter and the tape-recorder.

Although this University has silenced this discourse up to this point, students will no longer be silent about their sexual health and free speech.

Photography by David S.


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