Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to our campaign blog!

Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice is a coalition of students dedicated to changing the way that Georgetown University approaches issues of reproductive justice and choice. At this point, contraception is not available on campus or covered under Georgetown's insurance policy; rape kits are not available at the campus hospital; students do not have access to comprehensive sex education; and the administration silences the voices of pro-choice student groups. This is unacceptable. Georgetown prides itself on being a university dedicated to care of the whole person and the promotion of open dialogue, but its policies fail to truly promote these ideals; instead they actively endanger the health of its students, and especially women. Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice will be launching a campaign to encourage Georgetown to change its harmful, backwards policies and provide all students with access to the resources they need to lead healthy lives and engage in thoughtful discourse.

We will post regularly to this blog with updates on the campaign, so be sure to check back! For a more comprehensive outline of our demands, take a look at the Open Letter of Demands to President DeGioia, which we have linked at the top of the page.

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  2. I am so happy that this generation of Hoyas is stepping up to bring reproductive justice to Georgetown. Enough is enough! While at Georgetown, I always felt that Georgetown was doing me and other women (and men) a disservice by not providing any kind of reproductive education or services. Certain student groups do a great job of bringing awareness to reproductive issues, but the administration needs to get behind this. Thanks for starting this!

  3. This is great! I am considering attending Gtown for grad school and was disappointed to hear about the administration's obvious anti-choice stance. I really hope this changes!

  4. Georgetown is a Catholic University. As such, it is obligated to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church, whether you agree with them or not. You made the choice to attend Georgetown - you could have gone to a secular university. Abortion and contraception are against the teachings of the Catholic Church and cannot be supported in any way by Georgetown. I applaud the administration for standing their ground. A true feminist would never advocate practices that so deeply wound and harm women.